ॐ Baglamukhi Peeth ॐ

Om Hleem Bagalaamukhi Sarvadushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashaay Hring Om Swaha!

One of the biggest achievements of Shri Atulya Nath has been establishing the Peeth of Baglamukhi. In 2007, Acharya Ji began the construction work of Baglamukhi Peeth on a land of Karala Village, Rupali Enclave, New Delhi,

But the land had influence of evil powers as villagers used to say and those powers were obstructing the construction work of the Peeth. When Acharya Ji visited the proposed site for the first time, instantly smelled the negative forces

He then concluded that establishing Yoni Kund (pit) and Panch Mundi Aasana (sittings) on that land would expand the way of building Bagalamukhi Peeth and so it happened.

As both Kund (pits) were established, all obstacles vanished. Since then the Peetha has become popular in Delhi and all across India. Here, at this temple, Acharya Atulya Nath Ji perform austerity as well as sadhana for all those devotees who visit the temple of the Goddess Baglamukhi with the hope of getting rid of their problems in their life

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We all want to know about what future may unfold for us. Astrology is one way to do this. Astrology has all the possibilities to be used as a system of divination. Vedic astrology, in this context, has been proved as one of the most accurate methods that Ancient Indian astrologers has been practicing for hundreds of years.Vedic Astrology can be applied to understand a number of life-matters. From business & finance to career, job & profession; to relationship; love & affair; to medical & health; to even telling future - Astrology has potential to resolve almost all the aspects that affect our lives.


Tantra is one of the most confused terms in Indian spiritual studies. Most people from western world connect Tantra with various obscenities. But it’s not true at all. It isn’t what we know. Because of this distorted interpretation of Tantra, most people want to keep a safe distance of it.But Tantra is a powerful device for solving every problem in our life. Those who accuse Tantra purely as a kind of black magic, aren’t completely aware of this branch of Indian spiritualism. Tantra is an unpolluted representation of various practical aspects of Vedic tradition born in India.


The meaning of Vastu is “the science of architecture and construction”. Vastu is an ancient Indian science of constructing house & building in a manner so that residents of particular habitation can take advantages of nature’s positive energies as well as placement of nature’s elements like Fire, Water, Air, Sky and Earth can work towards the betterment of dwellers particular house & building. A home or building constructed according to Vastu bestows its dwellers with enormous health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

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