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Tantra is one of the most confused terms in Indian spiritual studies. Most people from western world connect Tantra with various obscenities. But it’s not true at all. It isn’t what we know. Because of this distorted interpretation of Tantra, most people want to keep a safe distance of it.

But Tantra is a powerful device for solving every problem in our life. Those who accuse Tantra purely as a kind of black magic, aren’t completely aware of this branch of Indian spiritualism. Tantra is an unpolluted representation of various practical aspects of Vedic tradition born in India.

Because Tantra is part of Veda, the practitioner must not be separately seen, is considered the follower of Veda. Tantra is one strong branch of Vedic tree and the person, known as tantric, generally worship either Lord Shiva or Goddess Shakti.

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