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The meaning of Vastu is “the science of architecture and construction”. Vastu is an ancient Indian science of constructing house & building in a manner so that residents of particular habitation can take advantages of nature’s positive energies as well as placement of nature’s elements like Fire, Water, Air, Sky and Earth can work towards the betterment of dwellers particular house & building. A home or building constructed according to Vastu bestows its dwellers with enormous health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

Vastu is such powerful as it can impact a number of our life aspects. From living happily at home to working concentratedly in office, to our relationship with our relatives, to our health & wealth - good and bad Vastu positions of various things can affect our mind, body and of course life-matters. As mentioned above Vastu is all about aligning man and material with five elements which - in one word - are known as Panchabhoota.

Pancha Bootas, or the five elements of nature as well as winds, light and exposure to the sun, effect of directions, sky, various gravitational and the whole universe – they all heavily influences our life. Vastu Shastra takes care of all these aspects and directs us to construct our house of building to take the advantage of all four directions, all five elements and various gods and goddess as well as a lot of other energies and forces.

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